As a bowhunting novice, are you wondering what can you hunt with a bow?  Interestingly, there are many options out there, but I guess you don’t know what they are, which is why you are here, right? 

So, without further ado, let’s look at what can you hunt with a bow and other important things about bowhunting.

What can you hunt

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What Can You Hunt with A Bow?

A Bow can be used during a war to hunt down targeted enemies or for hunting animals. Using a bow to hunt for animals didn’t start today, and it has been with humans since far back as 11,000 BP. 

But can you think of animals you can hunt with it? Well, that leads us to the next big question. 

What Animals Can You Hunt with a Bow? Beginner Tips.

Have you learned how to bow hunt but don’t know what animals you can hunt with it? Below, I have listed out animals that are great for bow hunting. 


If you plan to hunt them, go during the early morning or late hours of the evening, and they are often active during this time. 

This animal is one of the most prevalent in the large game categories, and hunting them requires efficient equipment, such as a recurve bow or crossbow. If you aren’t good at using your right hand, then it is important you get and learn using the best left handed recurve bows. 

Despite the thin skin of these animals, it needs optimal accuracy to reduce unwarranted stress. Target the back of its shoulder and just below the lung’s midpoint. With such aiming, the arrow can pierce through their heart.

Still a newbie archer? Then getting the best beginner compound bow might be just the way to go.



The most typical small-game target for big bows is the squirrel. This animal is plentiful, they regularly descend to the ground, and their seasons are long. 

Several states’ seasons are open towards the end of February or the early week in the next month. It is best to use small game heads with practice arrows to hunt squirrels. Sliding through large tree trunks in quest of squirrels eating acorns or hickory nuts perched atop logs and transforms the chase into a game of slipping through thick tree trunks.

This makes hunting squirrels more exciting and the game more satisfying. 


Rabbits are little animals that are for bowhunting. Smaller game species are simple to find and don’t require much equipment if you’re new to bow hunting animals. But due to their small size, you need to use a keen eye and laser-like focus.

But, where can you find a rabbit? 

Stop at the edge of overgrown fields to investigate blow-down treetops, briar patches, or honeysuckle thickets. In most cases, if a rabbit should sight you, it usually stops moving. 

That’s not all. 

In an area with much snow, you will notice brown blobs. But if there isn’t much snow, look for a rabbit’s dazzling black eye or pink ears.

Ground Squirrel & Prairie Dogs

Other western pests that provide arrow-launching chances include ground squirrels and prairie dogs. Although they are much smaller prey, ground squirrels are often easier to approach. 

The 10-yard pin on your bow will typically cover one of these little creatures. Prairie dogs can be found in great numbers, but approaching them might be difficult.

If you have many arrows, you can shoot a lot of prairie dogs before they notice your presence. Non-residents can hunt these abundant pests without a hunting license in several states, such as Montana and Wyoming. These rodents, like groundhogs and marmots, spend the winter in dens underground.

What Can You Hunt with A Crossbow? 

Even though the crossbow is great for hunting down small animals, big games like the African elephant, hippopotamus, or the Cape Buffalo are not left out. You will only have to increase the draw-weight of the arrow, and 150 pounds weight of the crossbow may be enough for bow and arrow deer hunting. 

For animals with thicker skin, you’d be looking at upwards of 200 pounds draw-weight as we mentioned above. ‘

Here is more.

What Can You Hunt with A Crossbow?

What Can You Hunt beside Deer with A Bow?

Apart from deer, bowhunters can hunt bears, elk, and turkey. If you’re fast with the speed of light, you could also hunt squirrels or rabbits. 

Just find the type of animals that catches your fancy. 

As usual with work, there are certain accidents you may face while trying out bowhunting. While you will experience many, others are more common. 

But do you know the commonly known serious injuries during bowhunting

The tree stand injury is one of the most common accidents bowhunters may face in the course of bowhunting. They may fall asleep and fall from the tree or miss a step and fall. 

How can you avoid this?

Ensure you are alert at all times. Sometimes, it is best not to view yourself as an expert to avoid losing guard. 

Other times, a hunter may mistake a human for an animal. Bad right? Well, it isn’t intentional, and that’s why it was an accident. A rangefinder may help curb this. 

One last thing! There’s a safety guideline unique to the crossbow. 

Unique Safety Guide when Using a Crossbow?

The crossbow is limited to short-range shooting. Hence, you should shoot only within a range you’re sure is safe or a shooting area. You can take the best rangefinder for bowhunting with you to get the distance for a perfect shot.


What Can You Hunt with A 45-Pound Bow?

With a 45-pound bow, you could reward yourself with a whitetail deer or even a hog.

What USA States Can You Hunt with A 35-Pound Bow? 

In some US states, it is stipulated that you can hunt with 35 pounds and above, and other states do not allow less than 35 pounds. Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Maine, New Jersey, North Carolina are some states where you can hunt with a 35-pound draw weight. 

Is Hunting with A Bow Legal?

Well, this depends on the regulation of the area you plan to carry out the hunting game. For example, here in the US, bowhunting is legal, but there are regulations on your minimum draw-weight and where exactly to bow hunt. 

It’d be best if you check around where you live and know what applies.


We’re at the end, and you have certainly gotten clear insight into what can you hunt with a bow. Besides, you now know the unique qualities of the crossbow and common injuries associated with bowhunting, plus how you can avoid them.