As always in vogue as leather gloves are, the primary reason many of us shy away from using or at times getting those excellent leather gloves is that we do not know how to maintain it in the long run.

Am I right?

Well, it would surprise you to know that there are ways of ensuring a long and lasting lifespan for that pretty leather glove you love so much without needing to replace it or forget it in the drawer after a few outings.

Cool right?

Here, we will treat everything on how to properly care and maintain your leather glove with steps on how to clean leather gloves, the best materials to clean it with, the dos and don’ts of cleaning leather gloves, and many more. Stay tuned for these gloves saving hacks coming your way.

How to clean leather gloves

Know the Various Types of Leather Gloves

The fact is that leather gloves come in different types and for various purposes. First, you need to know the kind you are buying, its make and contents before venturing into the proper way to clean it after extensive or short-term use.

It is common knowledge that leather is a durable, resistant, and strong material suitable for all types of conditions and work, making it cheap and affordable. These qualities resulting from their sources is why everyone loves a good pair of leather gloves.

Types of Leather Gloves

For starters

There are about seven leather types in the leather making industry, particularly for fashionable and work-related gloves. These sources of leather include cowhide, the most popular; deerskin, light and flexible type; pigskin, the soft and breathable type; buffalo leather, the durable and abrasive type; sheepskin, the most delicate and most comfy of all; horsehide, the tough and durable one; and goatskin, the strongest of them all.

Keep in mind

That these are not the only sources of leather materials from which leather gloves are made. Many of these gloves are a mixture of materials and even leather types, all depending on taste. This also includes the fact that there are other more exquisite leather types for gorgeous leather gloves, if you know what I mean.

How to Wash Leather Gloves

When it comes to the washing of leather gloves, consider the in and out of the gloves. For that, the washing processes are of inner-washing and outer-washing.

How to Wash Leather Gloves

Leather Gloves Outer-washing

Irrespective of the leather type involved in the making, as far as you are dealing with high-quality leather gloves, you need to be extra careful and gentle with your gloves to avoid ruining it all in the name of giving it a revamp.

If you plan on washing the outer part of your gloves, use the following method:

Wash with a damp cloth

  • Get a nice and soft piece of washcloth or a clean paper towel and dampen it without making it too soggy or water-filled that it will drip water.
  • With some mild soap, you can get approved leather cleaning soap made specifically for leather cleaning and create a strong enough lather to wash the surface of your gloves.
  • Gently wipe down or rub your leather gloves taking care not to scrub to avoid weakening the leather. Afterward, use a clean damp piece of a washcloth to wipe off the lather and dirt. And voila, your gloves a squeaky clean.

Taking the salt off

There are snow pellets that stick to the glove surfaces for the winter season and dry off over time; these are the winter salts.

  • To get rid of the winter salt, get a piece of a soft washcloth
  • With a little bit of water, wipe off or dust the salt off the surface
  • If the above doesn’t work, wash gently with a washcloth.

Leather Gloves Inner-washing

Some leather gloves come with linings of wool, cashmere, silk, and so on for extra comfort and added padding, while others come without any of that flashy inner layer. Whichever one it is that you possess, cleaning the inner part is also very necessary.

Why so?

Over time, there is an accumulation of sweat and germs in the inner part, particularly for those with lining, which leads to the gloves smelling with frequent use.

To clean inside your leather gloves, take extra care to avoid excess moisture accumulation as this can lead to the weakening of the glove material, overstretching, and germ accumulation.

The best way to wash the inner part is to use the damp cloth method to avoid water accumulation; in another way, you can wash with water and soap but with as little water as possible.

But in any case, the advice is to take the inner washing to a professional for some professional touch.

How to Dry Leather Gloves

Once washed and squeaky clean, drying is necessary as water retention in leather is a terrible idea and will only lead to frustrated efforts.

How to Dry Leather Gloves

To dry leather gloves, the process is easy

  • Take a towel and place the washed leather glove in it.
  • Use the towel to absorb any extra moisture in and out of the gloves by gently tapping the gloves’ with the towel surface.
  • Once excess water is out, place the gloves in an open space for fresh air.

Never forget

The best way to dry leather gloves is to use natural air, no need for heat dryers or anything else, as these will ruin the lifespan and composition of your gloves.

The Dos and Don’ts of Caring for Leather Gloves

Yes, even your leather gloves have dos and don’ts for longevity and for you to enjoy.

The dos and the don'ts

The Dos

  • Always use mild soaps to wash your leather gloves as these have little to no damaging effects on the leather. Check in stores for such and use the right quantity.
  • Keep in mind that leather gloves are made from different types of leather. Always pay attention to that when purchasing soap and also wax for those that require it.
  • Always use lukewarm water when washing your leather gloves.
  • When it comes to leather gloves, air dry it for even and natural drying.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t use harsh washing soaps as these have adverse effects on the composition of the leather
  • No forceful scrubbing when cleaning to avoid weakening the gloves
  • Never attempt to scrape off dirt from your gloves.
  • Never soak your gloves in water to wash.


Can you clean leather gloves with a washing machine?

No, never attempt to clean your leather gloves with a washing machine as you’ll be doing a disservice to it.

What kind of soap can I wash my leather gloves?

Use mild soaps, preferably those designed for leather gloves.

Can I use wax or lubricant on my leather gloves for extra shine?

Yes, special protective finishes are made for particular leather gloves to give it that extra shine and protect the material from substances like wine, water, tea, etc.

How do I prevent my leather gloves from stretching?

Avoid moisture concentration in your gloves as this weighs down the gloves and stretches them to their limit. Otherwise, your gloves are good to go without extra elasticity.

What if my gloves are heavily soiled? Can I wash them vigorously to get them clean?

No, even when your gloves are heavily soiled, it’s best to take them to professionals who know the right way to clean leather gloves.


Leather gloves are always great companions during the frosty period, as fashion items, and as work accessories or tools. Due to their multi-purposefulness, their maintenance is also essential. Always keep in mind that cleaning leather gloves isn’t a big deal as the process of cleaning is pretty easy, and with the above, I’m pretty sure you now know how to clean leather gloves.